Our Story


Gum Tree Farm Design's story began in 1995 in Middleburg Virginia. Franny began raising ultra-fine merino sheep organically and turned their beautiful fleece into garments and wool pieces for the home.

In the beginning they made blankets, fingerless mittens, baby wear and capes. Over the years they’ve added knitters and weavers to the farm family and now have a line of sewn products as well.


The collection is handmade in America by artisans whose individuality is present in each finished piece. Gum Tree Farm is unique because they see the lambs born all the way through to the finished product. They actually know the sheep that make our clothes.



From beginning to end. They see them born, and then grow up to be mothers themselves. All the while producing wool. The sheep are raised organically, the wool is processed organically, hand-woven, sewn or knitted into pieces to keep us warm.