From Ewe to You

Gum Tree Farm Design's story began in 1995 in Middleburg Virginia. Franny began raising ultra-fine merino sheep organically and turned their beautiful fleece into garments and wool pieces for the home. In the beginning they made blankets, fingerless mittens, baby wear and capes.

Articles from the farm

Field Notes

Organic and Balanced

We all have a duty to uphold on planet earth. We put great emphasis on doing what is needed to make sure that our relationship with our environment and our planet remains in balance.

Farm to Fashion

Grown in Virginia

In the spring time on Gum Tree Farm our Merino lambs are born and the ewes, rams and yearlings are shorn.

Made in America

Our wool journeys up the East Coast to be spun into yarn and woven into fabric at a specialised yarn producer.

Worn around the World

Franny Kansteiner takes the season's material and creates the next line of luxury merino wool items worn from California to Cape Town.

Middleburg Store

103 W Federal St,
Middleburg, VA


Open Tuesday through Saturday 11am-4pm and by appointment.

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